Diaper Rash… a simple solution.

Diaper rash is very common in diaper wearing kids. It looks like red bumps, pimple kind of thing that forms in the diaper area. For most it is not severe and goes away with diaper rash cream (Desitin, Proctogard etc). While medicines sure do help, there are simple measures parents can take that would help save baby’s skin from diaper rash.

New-parents especially the younger generation are naturally the least experienced in this regard. A general opinion of disposable diapers is they keep skin dry and if they do then “How do babies get diaper rash?”. When my first child was born, I thoroughly believed that diapers are super safe and keep my child completely dry. However, I soon realized  that the skin in diaper gets wet, very often and causes rashes. The wetness in diaper is present all the time right when babies pee for the first time; its much more than we realize. Chemicals present in pee and poop can irritate the baby’s soft & sensitive skin. On top of all this is friction between diaper and skin – all this together can result in pretty bad diaper rash.

Best way to prevent diaper rash is change diapers very often. keep the diaper area cool, dry and very clean.

  • Leave the area open for at least 5-10 minutes after every change.
  • Use water instead of wet wipes more often.
  • Always use Non-alcoholic ,fragrance free wipes eg.Mamy poko baby wipes, huggies wipes for senstive skin”,seventh Generation soft baby wipes
  • Put Vaseline to lessen friction.
  • Try coconut oil application – helped my baby’s bad red rings.
  • Check diapers every 15- 20 minutes for small amount of poop that may come along with passing air this can later on turn into bad rash.

Over the counter medicines like Desitin, Proctogard, rash free cream helps curing rashes. petroleum jelly works wonders on baby skin, apply good amount before you pack your baby in fresh diaper. You may also want to try and use cloth diaper mostly. I can understand they are not super convenient but hey, this is your kid and you can handle it when at home :-). For outside trips, keep disposable diapers but do change them right away when you get back.

Try this link if you want to learn how to tie cloth diapers. There are 2 to 3 different ways of tying cloth diaper. I am sure you will love to experiment with it. Save some money and enjoy peace of mind in the middle of raising the little people.

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A word about diapers in India: huggies, momy-poko-pants…

New-born makes any parent super sensitive and really choosy at times (well yeah all the times!). Same thing happened to us with the birth of our second child. We suddenly became active hunters for best baby products available in market. We were out there searching for everything from beddings, beds, prams, strollers, clothes, towels, nail cutters, nose pump, breast pump, bottles, thermometer, warmers, sterilizers, socks, shoes and the list goes on…

Oh and ofcourse the most important one of these, the one that keeps our bedrooms from turning into bathrooms, the saviour of bad smell, sights and keeper of expensive & favourite clothes – The Mighty Diaper!!!!

Unpleasant Duties

Unpleasant Duties

To our surprise big stores (we checked out HyperCITYQMart among others) were full of diapers but mostly M (medium ) and L ( large) sizes were in abundance(whats with that?). There were hardly any thing for tiny babies or newborns. My ever so online savvy side decided to order daipers from e-bay for our new baby. But I needed it today or atleast soon enough. So we thought of giving the smallest size available in stores a shot for immediate use. We tried pampers small size-2 (available in our city ) for our 3 kgs  baby boy. Huggies turned out to be too bulky  and thick , not good fit for my tiny baby. Pampers size-2  were big for my son when he was born but over a period of time it turned out to be best available daipers at our local stores. Momy-poko-pants, the brand from Japan …. I loved their wipes over diapers.

I have been using the ones bought here for about three months now. What’s the verdict?

  1. Huggies – They are ok and some folks may like them better over others. Me thinks otherwise. They were a bit too bulky for my kid
  2. Mamy-Poko – Can’t even find the right size 😦
  3. Pampers – So far the winner. Fits right, is light and works well. I haven’t had leakages ever with Pampers and the kid seems to be tolerating them better.

Tiny, Premie or Small, in India they are all NewBorn

—Richa’s Hard Earned Wisdom

My first child, my dear daughter Mira was born in US. There was amazing range of diapers for premies, tiny babies, newborns. She was born tiny so I used diapers for premies for pretty long time. I also liked earth babies brand. Pampers Swaddlers were really soft and cozy for newborns.We liked  pampers and continued it till our daughter was potty trained.

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Parenting- size matters or not?

Welcome, Parents !!!

Once you are a parent, you already know what you are getting into.The countless hugs and kisses. Praises of being best mom or best dad in the whole world. Pure smiles that melts all tiredness away from parents. The infectious giggle and laughter bombs, the entire house filled with happiness. And you also know the hard work that comes with raising  kids. Those countless constant feeding and diaper changing day-night routines are not new to you. Toddler Tantrums, messy house, cooking, cleaning …

The trend in India these days is one or two kids maximum in each family. More parents were opting settling for one. How many kids should we go for ? After my first one was born, for next 4 years this question haunted me. My hubby’s mind was set on keeping a single child. I like many other women always wanted to have at least two. I thought, ” One is too little on the plate”.  There were N number of factors to think before we draw conclusions.

There were so many unanswered questions, though. Some were health, financial, emotional related and almost every possible question related to this crossed my mind. Every parent wants best of both the world for their kids. That’s the ultimate goal of family. I am a family person. Spending time with family gives me pleasure. What bothered me most was should I be taking responsibility or not. Answer was “yes”, my First born gave me all the strength. Financially if you are sound should not give second thoughts in fact I would suggest go for it, unless there is a serious medical problem. The most important factor that play here is being financially sound and mental readiness. School fees are sky rocketing  in India. Providing good school costs arm and leg these days.

Children love company. They are always on the look out for friends. Single child always looks at their parents to play with especially at odd times ( when they cannot go out and play). Its snowing no one is out, peak summers, raining. Some kids are super shy they just can’t make friends. Sisters, Brothers, Brother-Sister doesn’t even matter they will play with each other at home ,in parks, in malls, at friends birthday party ….. irrespective of what, where,when and how they are going to.

The very thought of having two was exciting. Before I was pregnant with my second one, I would imagine how they will play, share and care for each other. Happy to see that they have each other to grow with. The biggest plus is they have each other to help one another emotionally. I wish them to be best friends for this life.

UPdate : 2016

Its been 5+ years, since the second child arrived. My house, just like my heart is never empty. Both kids play together, eat and study together as well. The occasional fights among them adds a pinch of salt in our lives.They have already mastered little tricks to get each other.They have learned to laugh and cry together. Sharing and caring for each other has become a habit for them.

Two kids means more happiness, more giggles, more profound laughs , and a varied experiences and shared responsibilities.

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New born common problem : spitting up milk.

What to do when newborns are unable to keep down milk. It’s a horrible feeling to see your days old baby spitting-up milk after almost all feeds. He suffered and so did I felt guilty about not able to help my newborn son.

My husband thought baby is unable to burp so after feeding session I must hold him upright till he burps. Honestly, keeping him upright did help to some degree, from spitting after every feed it became most of the and not every time. I made it a rule of thumb day or night whenever after every I started keeping him upright for 15-20 minutes. I was scared to put him down. This helped to get rid of 40% of his spitting problem but I was determined to get 100% results. His little coos, and body arches would make us rush and pick him so that stomach content wouldn’t come out of his mouth. My 6-year-old daughter became super vigilant she would call us even if he causally moved his hand.

My little girl, my artist

My little artist made it: “Mommy” by Mira.

I am breast feeding my baby and everyone pointed in one direction. What I eat will affect him. If I eat a lot of cabbage, broccoli, oily stuff like puri, paratha, chole, rajma, will make gases in baby. Hence, I was staying away from such grease food and gas making vegetable were out of my list. This didn’t help my new baby, from 3 weeks he became 6 weeks old but problem didn’t solve it remain the same he wouldn’t stop spitting milk. Family said its in my diet. I stopped rice altogether and started eating rotties mainly. I also added oatmeal to my diet. Then there was daliya and lots of nuts to cherish. But soon I came to know that sometimes nuts and drive little one system crazy. I started cutting down but nothing changed. I love slim milk (0% fat). For me 2 to 3 glass a day became normal. “The more milk you take that more milk you will make” is the general saying in my culture. My mother and my mother-in-law would make sure I would drink plenty of milk.

On one visit for his vaccination his pediatric suggested to stop intake of dairy products especially milk. Vola!!! I found the culprit in my case. The day I stopped milk he got better and better and finally in just 48 hours he stopped spitting at all. Its been 2 to 3 weeks now no problems at all, I tried to add little milk in diet but every time I drank milk next day I would see its impact. I am trying to add a cup of milk instead of a whole glass. In my case milk in other form dahi (curd), cheese or in tea were better tolerated by my baby’s system than plain milk. Right now I take calcium supplement to keep my and my baby’s need fulfilled. He is not spitting milk and that a blessing for me.

Tip: Stop drinking milk for at least 2 – 3 days and see if it works for you too.
Best Wishes!!!

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Burp !! How to burp new borns.

For me how to burp my 2 week old son became a huge problem. Every time he drank milk he won’t burp, rather it kind of always stuck there. I was unable to burp for as long as 30 -40 minutes at a stretch.He won’t burp results he started spitting milk in bigger quantities. Most of the time he looked uncomfortable to me. I started holding him in straight positions for longer periods. It really helped but he caught hold of it and started liking being held in upright position. That’s the only down side I would say but the results were great.

When babies are littler older like 2 months or bigger you can try several positions:


“TRY”and see what works for you.

Today he is 4 months, he still has burping issues.It took 3 months before things become normal. Not all kids burp naturally. They might take longer breaks than others. They have unique personalities, they just differ from one another. All we need is follow our own instinct.

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Infant growth

Infants grow really fast in first few months in terms of Height,Weight and Mentally. It’s amazing to watch them grow. Growth is measured in terms of infants weight, height and head circumference. To keep track of whether infant is growing well, pediatrics all around the world use same parameters and charts.
Parents can read these charts and check what percentile is their kid on the chart. Infants in general grow differently, even sibling differ greatly. parents should not worry too much about the percentile …. except where kids on extremes like 95% or say 5%. My daughter has always been on 10% but so far she is active and not falling sick too much I have stopped worrying.

  • Birth to 6 months: 
  • First week – loosing 10% weight is norma.l (why do babies loose weight after birth?Babies are born with extra fluid at the time of birth and are expected to loose it during first two weeks ) 
  • By week two & three babies are expected to gain back their birth weight.
  • Hereafter steady weight gain of about 1 to 1.5 ounce per day is expected until 6 months.
  • By the end of 6 months baby would double the birth weight.
  • Average baby gains one to two pounds every month in their first year.
  • Infant Growth Calculator
  • Height : Average height gain during this time is 1 to 1 1/2 inches every a month. 
  • Growth Spurts : Growth spurts is a time when human body (from birth to teens) would see rapid growth, an outburst. It is typically for 2 to 3 days and could last up to a week.
  • Growth period in babies : Babies according to most parents go through it during -7 to 10days old ,2-3weeks old, around 6weeks old, 2-4 moths old and then at 3 months , 6 months .
  • https://mygrowthcharts.com
  • Head circumference : Almost all new unexperienced parents wonder why do doctors measure babies head? Head Circumference is measured to keep track of everything is normal. If the head is too large (growing faster than normal) there is a slight possibility of fluid accumulation in brain. In that case further investigation is required. When the head is too small(no growth measured) there could be a possibilities of brain malfunction or other problems. Normally babies do have big or small heads with no developmental or medical issues. It is more on genes from both parents.  Most us would read a great deal of material on “what to expect during pregnancy?” and “what to expect during first few weeks with newly borns?” But still every parent goes through this anxiety during first few months of regular check-ups. Small parents have small kids and thus their kids will fall into category of 10% to 30% . Read them as stats and forget the rest. We as a parent are lucky to have beautiful bundles of joy from God …. lets enjoy parenthood !!
  • Weight : Babies are weighed on each check -up  and are watched careful for normal growths. Normally babies would double their weight by 4-6 months and would triple the weight by her first birthday.


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Breastfeeding & Weightloss

Breastfeeding is healthy for both mother and baby. On the one hand baby gets well-balanced age appropriate food,while on the other mother sheds her extra pounds that she gained during pregnancy.It is a natural process that woman’s body follows, it … Continue reading

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