Burp !! How to burp new borns.

For me how to burp my 2 week old son became a huge problem. Every time he drank milk he won’t burp, rather it kind of always stuck there. I was unable to burp for as long as 30 -40 minutes at a stretch.He won’t burp results he started spitting milk in bigger quantities. Most of the time he looked uncomfortable to me. I started holding him in straight positions for longer periods. It really helped but he caught hold of it and started liking being held in upright position. That’s the only down side I would say but the results were great.

When babies are littler older like 2 months or bigger you can try several positions:


“TRY”and see what works for you.

Today he is 4 months, he still has burping issues.It took 3 months before things become normal. Not all kids burp naturally. They might take longer breaks than others. They have unique personalities, they just differ from one another. All we need is follow our own instinct.


About Parenting

A creative, compassionate, empathetic mother of two amazing kids. I am interested in everything that is related to kids, be it eating, playing, creating stuff, cooking with them, most importantly understanding factors and ways to helping them grow into confident, passionate and good human beings. These mediums evolve from day to day interactions and incidents. Every day there are many things happening in a kids' life that shapes the future person he is going to be. My interest are varied and highly revolve around them. As a super proud mother of two, I have realized spending time with kids is like having a great collection of experiences captured in the book of life. I like to revisit these times again and again but time flies faster than we think it does. While penning down my thoughts, discoveries, opinion and philosophy of being mother, home maker, wife, and a great quest to find who I am enjoying myself as a photographer, writer and most importantly a thinker. You will find everything under the sun and beyond here in this blog.
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