Diaper Rash… a simple solution.

Diaper rash is very common in diaper wearing kids. It looks like red bumps, pimple kind of thing that forms in the diaper area. For most it is not severe and goes away with diaper rash cream (Desitin, Proctogard etc). While medicines sure do help, there are simple measures parents can take that would help save baby’s skin from diaper rash.

New-parents especially the younger generation are naturally the least experienced in this regard. A general opinion of disposable diapers is they keep skin dry and if they do then “How do babies get diaper rash?”. When my first child was born, I thoroughly believed that diapers are super safe and keep my child completely dry. However, I soon realized  that the skin in diaper gets wet, very often and causes rashes. The wetness in diaper is present all the time right when babies pee for the first time; its much more than we realize. Chemicals present in pee and poop can irritate the baby’s soft & sensitive skin. On top of all this is friction between diaper and skin – all this together can result in pretty bad diaper rash.

Best way to prevent diaper rash is change diapers very often. keep the diaper area cool, dry and very clean.

  • Leave the area open for at least 5-10 minutes after every change.
  • Use water instead of wet wipes more often.
  • Always use Non-alcoholic ,fragrance free wipes eg.Mamy poko baby wipes, huggies wipes for senstive skin”,seventh Generation soft baby wipes
  • Put Vaseline to lessen friction.
  • Try coconut oil application – helped my baby’s bad red rings.
  • Check diapers every 15- 20 minutes for small amount of poop that may come along with passing air this can later on turn into bad rash.

Over the counter medicines like Desitin, Proctogard, rash free cream helps curing rashes. petroleum jelly works wonders on baby skin, apply good amount before you pack your baby in fresh diaper. You may also want to try and use cloth diaper mostly. I can understand they are not super convenient but hey, this is your kid and you can handle it when at home :-). For outside trips, keep disposable diapers but do change them right away when you get back.

Try this link if you want to learn how to tie cloth diapers. There are 2 to 3 different ways of tying cloth diaper. I am sure you will love to experiment with it. Save some money and enjoy peace of mind in the middle of raising the little people.


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