Infant growth

Infants grow really fast in first few months in terms of Height,Weight and Mentally. It’s amazing to watch them grow. Growth is measured in terms of infants weight, height and head circumference. To keep track of whether infant is growing well, pediatrics all around the world use same parameters and charts.
Parents can read these charts and check what percentile is their kid on the chart. Infants in general grow differently, even sibling differ greatly. parents should not worry too much about the percentile …. except where kids on extremes like 95% or say 5%. My daughter has always been on 10% but so far she is active and not falling sick too much I have stopped worrying.

  • Birth to 6 months: 
  • First week – loosing 10% weight is norma.l (why do babies loose weight after birth?Babies are born with extra fluid at the time of birth and are expected to loose it during first two weeks ) 
  • By week two & three babies are expected to gain back their birth weight.
  • Hereafter steady weight gain of about 1 to 1.5 ounce per day is expected until 6 months.
  • By the end of 6 months baby would double the birth weight.
  • Average baby gains one to two pounds every month in their first year.
  • Infant Growth Calculator
  • Height : Average height gain during this time is 1 to 1 1/2 inches every a month. 
  • Growth Spurts : Growth spurts is a time when human body (from birth to teens) would see rapid growth, an outburst. It is typically for 2 to 3 days and could last up to a week.
  • Growth period in babies : Babies according to most parents go through it during -7 to 10days old ,2-3weeks old, around 6weeks old, 2-4 moths old and then at 3 months , 6 months .
  • Head circumference : Almost all new unexperienced parents wonder why do doctors measure babies head? Head Circumference is measured to keep track of everything is normal. If the head is too large (growing faster than normal) there is a slight possibility of fluid accumulation in brain. In that case further investigation is required. When the head is too small(no growth measured) there could be a possibilities of brain malfunction or other problems. Normally babies do have big or small heads with no developmental or medical issues. It is more on genes from both parents.  Most us would read a great deal of material on “what to expect during pregnancy?” and “what to expect during first few weeks with newly borns?” But still every parent goes through this anxiety during first few months of regular check-ups. Small parents have small kids and thus their kids will fall into category of 10% to 30% . Read them as stats and forget the rest. We as a parent are lucky to have beautiful bundles of joy from God …. lets enjoy parenthood !!
  • Weight : Babies are weighed on each check -up  and are watched careful for normal growths. Normally babies would double their weight by 4-6 months and would triple the weight by her first birthday.


About Parenting

A creative, compassionate, empathetic mother of two amazing kids. I am interested in everything that is related to kids, be it eating, playing, creating stuff, cooking with them, most importantly understanding factors and ways to helping them grow into confident, passionate and good human beings. These mediums evolve from day to day interactions and incidents. Every day there are many things happening in a kids' life that shapes the future person he is going to be. My interest are varied and highly revolve around them. As a super proud mother of two, I have realized spending time with kids is like having a great collection of experiences captured in the book of life. I like to revisit these times again and again but time flies faster than we think it does. While penning down my thoughts, discoveries, opinion and philosophy of being mother, home maker, wife, and a great quest to find who I am enjoying myself as a photographer, writer and most importantly a thinker. You will find everything under the sun and beyond here in this blog.
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