New born common problem : spitting up milk.

What to do when newborns are unable to keep down milk. It’s a horrible feeling to see your days old baby spitting-up milk after almost all feeds. He suffered and so did I felt guilty about not able to help my newborn son.

My husband thought baby is unable to burp so after feeding session I must hold him upright till he burps. Honestly, keeping him upright did help to some degree, from spitting after every feed it became most of the and not every time. I made it a rule of thumb day or night whenever after every I started keeping him upright for 15-20 minutes. I was scared to put him down. This helped to get rid of 40% of his spitting problem but I was determined to get 100% results. His little coos, and body arches would make us rush and pick him so that stomach content wouldn’t come out of his mouth. My 6-year-old daughter became super vigilant she would call us even if he causally moved his hand.

My little girl, my artist

My little artist made it: “Mommy” by Mira.

I am breast feeding my baby and everyone pointed in one direction. What I eat will affect him. If I eat a lot of cabbage, broccoli, oily stuff like puri, paratha, chole, rajma, will make gases in baby. Hence, I was staying away from such grease food and gas making vegetable were out of my list. This didn’t help my new baby, from 3 weeks he became 6 weeks old but problem didn’t solve it remain the same he wouldn’t stop spitting milk. Family said its in my diet. I stopped rice altogether and started eating rotties mainly. I also added oatmeal to my diet. Then there was daliya and lots of nuts to cherish. But soon I came to know that sometimes nuts and drive little one system crazy. I started cutting down but nothing changed. I love slim milk (0% fat). For me 2 to 3 glass a day became normal. “The more milk you take that more milk you will make” is the general saying in my culture. My mother and my mother-in-law would make sure I would drink plenty of milk.

On one visit for his vaccination his pediatric suggested to stop intake of dairy products especially milk. Vola!!! I found the culprit in my case. The day I stopped milk he got better and better and finally in just 48 hours he stopped spitting at all. Its been 2 to 3 weeks now no problems at all, I tried to add little milk in diet but every time I drank milk next day I would see its impact. I am trying to add a cup of milk instead of a whole glass. In my case milk in other form dahi (curd), cheese or in tea were better tolerated by my baby’s system than plain milk. Right now I take calcium supplement to keep my and my baby’s need fulfilled. He is not spitting milk and that a blessing for me.

Tip: Stop drinking milk for at least 2 – 3 days and see if it works for you too.
Best Wishes!!!


About Parenting

A creative, compassionate, empathetic mother of two amazing kids. I am interested in everything that is related to kids, be it eating, playing, creating stuff, cooking with them, most importantly understanding factors and ways to helping them grow into confident, passionate and good human beings. These mediums evolve from day to day interactions and incidents. Every day there are many things happening in a kids' life that shapes the future person he is going to be. My interest are varied and highly revolve around them. As a super proud mother of two, I have realized spending time with kids is like having a great collection of experiences captured in the book of life. I like to revisit these times again and again but time flies faster than we think it does. While penning down my thoughts, discoveries, opinion and philosophy of being mother, home maker, wife, and a great quest to find who I am enjoying myself as a photographer, writer and most importantly a thinker. You will find everything under the sun and beyond here in this blog.
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