Parenting- size matters or not?

Welcome, Parents !!!

Once you are a parent, you already know what you are getting into.The countless hugs and kisses. Praises of being best mom or best dad in the whole world. Pure smiles that melts all tiredness away from parents. The infectious giggle and laughter bombs, the entire house filled with happiness. And you also know the hard work that comes with raising  kids. Those countless constant feeding and diaper changing day-night routines are not new to you. Toddler Tantrums, messy house, cooking, cleaning …

The trend in India these days is one or two kids maximum in each family. More parents were opting settling for one. How many kids should we go for ? After my first one was born, for next 4 years this question haunted me. My hubby’s mind was set on keeping a single child. I like many other women always wanted to have at least two. I thought, ” One is too little on the plate”.  There were N number of factors to think before we draw conclusions.

There were so many unanswered questions, though. Some were health, financial, emotional related and almost every possible question related to this crossed my mind. Every parent wants best of both the world for their kids. That’s the ultimate goal of family. I am a family person. Spending time with family gives me pleasure. What bothered me most was should I be taking responsibility or not. Answer was “yes”, my First born gave me all the strength. Financially if you are sound should not give second thoughts in fact I would suggest go for it, unless there is a serious medical problem. The most important factor that play here is being financially sound and mental readiness. School fees are sky rocketing  in India. Providing good school costs arm and leg these days.

Children love company. They are always on the look out for friends. Single child always looks at their parents to play with especially at odd times ( when they cannot go out and play). Its snowing no one is out, peak summers, raining. Some kids are super shy they just can’t make friends. Sisters, Brothers, Brother-Sister doesn’t even matter they will play with each other at home ,in parks, in malls, at friends birthday party ….. irrespective of what, where,when and how they are going to.

The very thought of having two was exciting. Before I was pregnant with my second one, I would imagine how they will play, share and care for each other. Happy to see that they have each other to grow with. The biggest plus is they have each other to help one another emotionally. I wish them to be best friends for this life.

UPdate : 2016

Its been 5+ years, since the second child arrived. My house, just like my heart is never empty. Both kids play together, eat and study together as well. The occasional fights among them adds a pinch of salt in our lives.They have already mastered little tricks to get each other.They have learned to laugh and cry together. Sharing and caring for each other has become a habit for them.

Two kids means more happiness, more giggles, more profound laughs , and a varied experiences and shared responsibilities.


About Parenting

A creative, compassionate, empathetic mother of two amazing kids. I am interested in everything that is related to kids, be it eating, playing, creating stuff, cooking with them, most importantly understanding factors and ways to helping them grow into confident, passionate and good human beings. These mediums evolve from day to day interactions and incidents. Every day there are many things happening in a kids' life that shapes the future person he is going to be. My interest are varied and highly revolve around them. As a super proud mother of two, I have realized spending time with kids is like having a great collection of experiences captured in the book of life. I like to revisit these times again and again but time flies faster than we think it does. While penning down my thoughts, discoveries, opinion and philosophy of being mother, home maker, wife, and a great quest to find who I am enjoying myself as a photographer, writer and most importantly a thinker. You will find everything under the sun and beyond here in this blog.
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