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Diaper Rash… a simple solution.

Diaper rash is very common in diaper wearing kids. It looks like red bumps, pimple kind of thing that forms in the diaper area. For most it is not severe and goes away with diaper rash cream (Desitin, Proctogard etc). … Continue reading

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A word about diapers in India: huggies, momy-poko-pants…

New-born makes any parent super sensitive and really choosy at times (well yeah all the times!). Same thing happened to us with the birth of our second child. We suddenly became active hunters for best baby products available in market. … Continue reading

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Parenting- size matters or not?

Welcome, Parents !!! Once you are a parent, you already know what you are getting into.The countless hugs and kisses. Praises of being best mom or best dad in the whole world. Pure smiles that melts all tiredness away from … Continue reading

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